It's hard not to like Wrigley (NYSE:WWY). As far as sweets go, you'll find more decadent fare from the chocoholics at Tootsie Roll (NYSE:TR) and Hershey (NYSE:HSY). But folks who are trying to kick the smoking habit often turn to chewing gum to fight the cravings, so Wrigley could even be seen as the ideal hedge to Altria (NYSE:MO) and British American Tobacco (AMEX:BTI).

Then we have the poor Chicago Cubs fan base, which weeps collectively in Wrigley Field every October. You have to feel sorry for Wrigley for that, right? It's also a recent Income Investor pick, so you know that a good base of yield-hungry investors are also cheering for the company.

But not all Fools agree when it comes to Wrigley. This week we have Chuck Saletta waxing optimistic, and Seth Jayson airing his doubts over the stock's valuation. Let's sit back and enjoy from the Wrigley Field bleachers.

Duel on!