Like a stick of really good chewing gum, Wrigley (NYSE:WWY) has kept its flavor going for a long time. The company has been selling gum since 1892. That kind of consistency hasn't been lost on investors.

Candy companies like Wrigley, Hershey (NYSE:HSY), Tootsie Roll (NYSE:TR), and Cadbury Schweppes (NYSE:CSG) are often seen as defensive plays. Bargain-priced sweets are in fashion, no matter what the economic climate.

As a Motley Fool Income Investor newsletter recommendation, Wrigley has attracted yield-hungry investors with its knack for annual dividend hikes. However, are investors overpaying for their shares right now?

Not all Fools can agree. Steve Mallas is bullish on the company. Ryan Fuhrmann is bearish. Which Fool will win the last chew? That's what this week's bout is all about.

Duel on!

Longtime Fool contributor Rick Munarriz couldn't tell you the difference between spearmint and wintergreen, but he does enjoy a good stick of gum. He doesn't own shares in any of the stocks mentioned in this article. The Fool's disclosure policy is chewing-resistant.