Anyone would love to own the next multibagger stock. Of course, most of us just don't have the time in our busy schedules to both figure out exactly what makes for a home run investment and scour the entire stock universe for one that fits the bill.

Fortunately, more than 110,000 individual and professional investors over at Motley Fool CAPS, the Fool's free investing community, are working as a team to single out sensational stocks. And so far, the results have been top-notch.

Bras at a bargain
In August 2007, for example, Petroleo Brasileiro (NYSE:PBR) was highlighted as one of CAPS' five-star bargain opportunities. At the time, our community was smitten with the oil and gas company's leadership position in Brazil, cheapish valuation, and high reserve/production ratios relative to its U.S. counterparts ExxonMobil (NYSE:XOM) and BP (NYSE:BP). At the time, CAPS All-Star digdug62 had this to say: "Petrobras has very little real competition on its home turf (Brazil) which is one of the very few places left in the world where billion barrel scale fields are likely to be found in the near future. The only other two areas in the world with this kind of exploration potential are Libya and the circum-Caspian (both much more politically difficult)."

Of course, Petrobras continues to be a five-star stock, so many of those bullish qualities still hold -- except, maybe, for the bargain part. Since Petrobras' appearance in the mid-August edition of "5-Star Stocks in the Bargain Bin," the shares are up roughly 150% on the much ballyhooed soaring price of oil.

The other picks on the list, on average, are also beating the market. Ingersoll-Rand (NYSE:IR), the stock that this silly Fool just happened to like best, is the only one notably in the red (down 23%), while Edison International (NYSE:EIX) has remained relatively flat. Complete Production Services (NYSE:CPX) and Spectra Energy (NYSE:SE), however, are up a solid 61% and 24%, respectively.

Cheap stocks really do rule.

All that is CAPS is prelude
Of course, if your contrarian spirit would rather pan for stocks that haven't left the ground yet, have no worries. In our Motley Fool CAPS database, you can gain valuable insights on more than 5,500 rated stocks, many of which are just beginning their ascension to market-trouncing heaven.

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