Dividend checks continue to get fatter in Corporate America as more companies jack up their distribution rates.

Let's take a closer look at some of the companies that inched their payouts higher this past week.

Let's start with Broadcom (Nasdaq: BRCM). The semiconductor specialist jacked up its quarterly dividend by 13% to $0.09 a share. Broadcom also announced an accelerated share repurchase plan.

Shares of United Parcel Service (NYSE: UPS) drove to a new 52-week high last week after bumping its distributions higher. UPS is lifting its quarterly payout 11% to $0.52 a share. The shipping giant's rate has more than tripled since 2000.

Hartford (NYSE: HIG) is also ensuring that its investors receive meatier disbursements. The insurer's yield is doubling with a new quarterly rate of $0.10 a share. It's a bold step for a company that slashed its dividend more than 90% during the financial crisis.

Finally we have Hershey (NYSE: HSY) sweetening up it quarterly payouts. The food company behind its namesake sweets improved its distributions by 8% to $0.345 a share. The move was in line with Hershey's 7% top-line gain for all of 2010.

An improving economy is giving more companies the flexibility to prop up their yields. These four companies join trucker J.B. Hunt (Nasdaq: JBHT), health insurer Aetna (NYSE: AET), and mutual fund manager Calamos (Nasdaq: CLMS) in energizing their already generous disbursements.

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