Thom Filicia, Design Doctor to the Fab Five on runaway hit show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, is replacing Kirstie Alley as spokesperson for Pier 1 Imports' (NYSE:PIR). No offence, Kirstie, but this makes sense -- and some strong medicine is in order.

Shares of Pier 1 plunged nearly 10.4% to $20.40 this morning on third-quarter results that struck investors as something short of fabulous. Sales were up 10%, but earnings disappointed with a 3.5% bump. Same-store sales inched 1.6% higher for the quarter, beating prior guidance, but for the last nine months, earnings are down 7.5%.

The news isn't all bad, however. Merchandise margins increased reflecting a decline in clearance activity -- a sign the company is getting the merchandise customers want into the stores. And Pier 1 is run conservatively, with $178 million in cash or equivalents, $1.94 for each diluted share, vs. total debt of just $25 million.

In a quarter that is seasonally hard on cash (the company spends heavily to build inventories ahead of the holidays), net cash provided by operating activities soared almost 100% to $61.9 million. Keep in mind, much like drugstore chain Walgreen (NYSE:WAG), Pier 1 funds expansion from operating cash flow.

And for the record, Sears (NYSE:S), Federated (NYSE:FD), and J.C. Penny (NYSE:JCP) suffered same-store sales declines in November. Pier 1 eked out a 1.1% gain. Going forward, the company expects comparable same-store sales to decline 4% to 8% in December and to be flat to down 5% for the fourth quarter. Too bad the Doctor cannot make a marketing call.

Even so, at 15 times earnings, Pier 1 trades at half the multiple afforded rival yuppie retailer Williams-Sonoma (NYSE:WSM), and yields 1.4%. The doctor is on his way, and his attention could be good medicine for a company that manages to increase free cash flow year over year, and boosts its dividend annually.

If the Design Doctor can deliver the customers, Pier 1's results could be fabulous.

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