Have we tired of business attire? Is there sharp pain associated with sharp dressing? Suit specialist Men's Wearhouse (NYSE:MW) is sensing its necktie tightening up like a noose after warning that it will miss its holiday quarter profit targets.

While the company was able to grow its same-store sales stateside, it just won't be enough to save the period -- and the fiscal year. The retailer is now guiding investors to expect no more than $1.30 a share in earnings on the year. After robust summer and fall quarters, Wall Street was perched on the $1.37 mark.

Investors hopped on the stock last year, looking to ride the coattails of timely purchases for job interviews and the opulent dinner parties than an improving economy just loves to throw. The shares have more than doubled off their February lows.

That's why last night's warning is so confounding. While earnings will still make a significant improvement over last year's $1.04 a share, profit growth for the fourth quarter will come in flat.

So are folks falling back into casual mode? Going on the past few quarters of healthy comps growth at Gap (NYSE:GPS), one might be drawn to that conclusion. However, just last week, fellow snazzy dresser Jos. A. Bank (NASDAQ:JOSB) reported that December sales had surpassed its expectations. Yesterday, it was Cache (NASDAQ:CACH) upping its operating guidance given its strong performance selling dressy women's apparel over the holidays.

That's the thing about retail. You can't paint the sector in broad brushstrokes, even when two companies serve the same niche. While Men's Wearhouse was climbing nicely a month ago, it was Jos. A. Bank scaring investors before winning them back a few weeks later. Two months ago it was Cache at the guillotine.

Yes, ZZ Top sang about every girl being crazy about a sharp-dressed man, but I hear that a sharply dressed business plan will also do the trick. For Men's Wearhouse, maybe that means following Jos. A. Bank's lead in stocking more high-end casual wear. It seemed to work in December, anyway. Either way, hit or miss, at least it will look good.

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