It's always fun to see Rule Breakin' Rick advise you to wait for a pullback on a high flier that's firing on all cylinders. After all, this is a guy who told you, last week, that cheap stocks stink!

I know, I know. It's a bit unfair to tag a guy with his own record. For the books, let me remind you that this debate is mostly academic. Rick could easily have written the bull argument, and I could have come up with reasons to head for the exits.

Now, back to stabbing my foe. For a guy living in Florida, Rick worries too much about scandalous outfits. Luckily, parents are ambivalent toward the whole preteen-thong thing and porn-star interviews. After all, the talk in this country about values is just that: talk. When it comes time to spend the back-to-school dime, Mom and Pop are all too happy to subsidize what one mother I know terms the "little hooker" look.

And Rick's been too hard on Abercrombie's (NYSE:ANF) sales slump. After all, it's in the past. If anything, the recent resurgence is proof of the brand's power. And Ruehl could be huge. Abercrombie's finally got a way to capture the young 20-somethings after they graduate from college and fly the nest. Instead of just pushing them off the perch to head for parts unknown, the firm can now run up the charges for another decade. Sweet.

Buy at $60 today or at $40 later? I'd say buy at $60 today and $40 later, should you be so lucky to get the opportunity. Don't get me wrong: As a dedicated Motley Fool Inside Value type (in other words, a stock cheapskate), I usually look for a pretty nice margin of safety when I'm buying a stock. But even Buffett will pay a premium for quality. Abercrombie's not only high-quality -- it's in a league of its own.

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