Taking the "can it" expression literally, Campbell Soup (NYSE:CPB) has been canning edibles since 1869. It originally sold canned veggies, condiments, and jellies until the company invented condensed soup in 1897. Things have never been the same, and Campbell's product lines since then have broadened to include everything from Pepperidge Farm snacks to Pace salsa.

Often seen as an all-weather stock (and not just because soup is the perfect meal after a cold, wet, and blustery day), Campbell hasn't exactly been shelf-steady in recent years. The stock is still trading at half of its 1998 highs. However, the company is coming off a nutritious third quarter, so Monday's report capping off its fiscal year may very well continue the welcome trend.

I'm like a kid in a candy store when I walk into a Best Buy (NYSE:BBY), so forgive me and my inner geek as we head toward Tuesday's fiscal second-quarter report from the consumer electronics superstore chain. Best Buy shares have beaten the market since being recommended in the Motley Fool Stock Advisor newsletter back in December 2003. However, what's even more impressive is how the gadget-friendly retailer has been able to thrive while many of its rivals, such as Circuit City (NYSE:CC), fail to keep up the pace.

Then again, Circuit City has been showing signs of life lately. I took the company to task earlier this year for refusing a $17-per-share buyout bid. After passing on previous offers at the $8 and $14 marks in recent years, I figured that Circuit City was getting too greedy and that shareholders would suffer. Yes, the stock is trading below that $17 dowry it passed up in March, but not by much. Best Buy's snapshot will hopefully color in how the sector as a whole has performed over the summer.

Kitchen appliance maker Salton (NYSE:SFP) has been willing to stick its money where its bloodied mouth is lately. Despite having reported deficits in four of its most recent five quarters, the company has seen some active insider buying lately. That will make Wednesday's report interesting, especially after some welcome developments have had the shares more than tripling from their summer lows.

If you spend enough time online, you are bound to come across the handiwork of Adobe (NASDAQ:ADBE). From its Acrobat Readers that decipher the company's PDF files to Photoshop graphics that add to a lot of the online eye candy, Adobe matters more now than ever. The company is coming off a sharp quarter during which revenues climbed 21% higher and profits soared by 37%. The publishing technology specialist will hopefully keep those margins widening when it reports its quarterly numbers on Thursday.

With the market interested in China these days, it's time to check in with Guoco (OTC BB: GULRF). The Hong Kong investment holding company is more obscure than the recent wave of splashy players in the red-hot Chinese gaming sector, with the thin trading volume to prove it, but Guoco has delivered decent financials lately. Through the first half of fiscal 2005, the company's earnings per diluted share rose by 27%. Will that make Guoco a household word stateside? Maybe not, but on a quiet Friday, there isn't much else out there on the earnings radar.

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