Is there still pixie dust in the company that Walter Elias Disney built with his brother Roy? I can't hide my allegiance when it comes to Disney (NYSE:DIS). Even though I only own a couple of shares, it was my first investment, and my second home is just minutes from Disney World's entrance.

The family-entertainment giant has come a long way over the years. A decade ago, the acquisition of Capital Cities/ABC turned it into a media network juggernaut, home to ABC and ESPN. This year, it absorbed Pixar into its bloodstream. David Gardner had recommended Pixar to Motley Fool Stock Advisor subscribers. He likes the prospects of the combined company, and the Pixar selection is now a Disney nod.

As rivals like Viacom (NYSE:VIA) plan divestitures and engage in corporate splits, Disney just keeps getting bigger. Bigger doesn't mean better, though. The company has been challenged along the way, with corporate stumbles and a rocky end to Michael Eisner's tenure. Will shareholders live happily ever after, or is the Mickey Mouse company just flat-out Goofy?

That's the ideal backdrop for this week's bout. When it comes to Disney, not all Fools agree. Steve Mallas is bullish when it comes to Disney, while Rich Smith feels that the shares are headed for a fall.

Does Disney belong in your portfolio? That's what this week's Duel is all about.

Duel on!

Longtime Fool contributor Rick Munarriz owns shares of Disney but holds no financial position in any other stock mentioned above. The Fool has a disclosure policy.