Are superheroes back in fashion? With Time Warner's (NYSE:TWX) Superman Returns ringing up $108 million in domestic ticket sales in its first seven days on the big screen, you couldn't ask for a more timely bout than this week's war of the words over Marvel Entertainment (NYSE:MVL).

The shares have grown fivefold since David Gardner first recommended them to Motley Fool Stock Advisor newsletter subscribers in 2002. That may be irrelevant at this point, as we try to gauge the company's prospects.

Not all Fools agree. I'm the bull this week; I was a fan of Marvel even before it hit the multiplex with the blockbuster first Spider-Man movie. Our bear this week is Tim Beyers. He feels that the company is taking on too much risk, for a future that is anything but guaranteed.

Where do you stand? Does Marvel belong in your portfolio? That's what this Duel is all about.

Duel on!

Longtime Fool contributor Rick Munarriz holds no financial position in any stock mentioned above. The Fool has a disclosure policy .