On Oct. 19, New York Times (NYSE:NYT) released Q3 earnings for the period ended Sept. 30.

  • Revenues and earnings per share missed analyst estimates by 6.35% and 17%, respectively.
  • The broadcast media group was divested during the quarter and reported as a discontinued operation.

(Figures in millions, except per-share data)

Income Statement Highlights

Avg. Est.

Q3 2006

Q3 2005







Net Profit*










Diluted Shares





*Net Profit and EPS include income from discontinued operations associated with the Broadcast Media Group.

Get back to basics with a look at the income statement.

Margin Checkup

Q3 2006

Q3 2005


Operating Margin




Net Margin




*Expressed in percentage points.

Margins are the earnings engine. See how they work.

Balance Sheet Highlights
Not provided. (Boo!)

Learn the ways of the balance sheet.

Cash Flow Highlights
Not provided. (Hiss!)

Find out why Fools always follow the money.

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