Things aren't going according to plan at Yahoo! (NASDAQ:YHOO), so a shakeup isn't necessarily a bad thing. Bill Demas and Will Johnson, a pair of vice presidents at Yahoo!'s beleaguered YPN paid-search division, are moving on.

One can't be naive and pin the company's paid-search shortcomings on just these two men, however. And although YPN is a problem for Yahoo!, it's clearly not the only problem. Yahoo! has had way too many quarters of posting lackluster results while Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) has been hitting it out of the park. The trouble at Yahoo! is on a grander scale.

Wait a minute. Three paragraphs in and you aren't familiar with YPN? Well, that's part of the problem, too. YPN stands for Yahoo! Publisher Network. It is the Yahoo! equivalent to Google AdSense -- third-party publishers rebroadcast search-engine ads on their sites in exchange for the lion's share of the ad revenue.

It's a pretty sweet proposition for a webmaster, especially since the opportunity to run relevant text-based ads is often more appealing and more financially lucrative than sticking to old-school graphical ad networks, such as those run by ValueClick (NASDAQ:VCLK).

However, even ValueClick kicked off the month with a healthy quarterly report and an upbeat outlook. Yahoo!, meanwhile, has been struggling, even though it had the early advantage of acquiring the patent-rich industry pioneer in Overture.

Everyone seems to have a cure for Yahoo!'s ills. Last month, Mad Money's Jim Cramer spent an entire week suggesting potential buyout candidates. I'm not sure whether a buying spree will cure the company's maladies.

In my opinion, YPN's shortcomings are not self-inflicted. As a third-party publisher, I was able to kick around the beta version of YPN, and I quickly yielded more of that billable space to Google's AdSense once it became clear that Google was serving up more relevant ads. The Yahoo! ads paid comparably well -- if not better -- on a per-click basis, but serving up too many general ads led to fewer clicks. So AdSense proved to be the higher-earning option at the end of the day. That also seems to be the general consensus on webmaster-related forums like Webmaster World.

Unless Yahoo! fattens up its ad network, rearranging the deck chairs at YPN won't have much of a effect.

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