There are plenty of serious stories circulating in the financial press, such as Genentech's (NYSE:DNA) receipt of approval to market its breast cancer therapy Herceptin for the disease's early stages, or Dell's (NASDAQ:DELL) incomplete financial reports. But just in case you missed some of the odder items, here's a brief recap of some weird financial news:

  • In Lexington County, S.C., a five-year-old was suspended from kindergarten for carrying a knife. That may sound horrifying to you, but wait -- it was apparently a folding pocket knife, and it was there to help the kid open his prepackaged lunch. Perhaps manufacturers of kid-friendly items such as Kraft's Lunchables might want to ensure that their packages are easier to open.
  • While we're on the topic of packaging, it seems that McDonald's has altered the design of its McFlurry containers in England -- for hedgehogs' sake. The previous design apparently led to hedgehogs getting their heads stuck and starving to death. Congratulations on this good news, hedgehogs of the world!
  • When Apple runs out of obvious features of its iPod to advertise, it might want to start promoting the digital music player as a safety device, thanks to its beacon-like glow. Think I'm kidding? A Vancouver resident was recently rescued after being lost in the woods on a mushroom-hunting expedition -- thanks to searchers spotting the light from his iPod.
  • Electric companies might have something new to worry about: an increase in the appreciation of nature. In Reykjavik, Iceland, as well as two other towns, lights were turned off for 30 minutes one night, so that residents could admire the night sky while an astronomer described it on the radio. If such events catch on, electrical revenues may slide. Heads up, National Grid and Consolidated Edison!

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