Interesting to see Europe wake up and smell the real monopoly: Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), iTunes, and the "Fairplay" DRM. The Norwegians hate it. ("Illegal" is the claim.) So, too, their Scandinavian cousins, the Swedes and the Danes. Ooh-la-la, don't forget the French, and now the Germans.

(Remember the days when the European Commission screamed bloody murder about Windows Media Player? Ah, old times.)

Will a new round of hissy-fit pitching help? Will Apple ever open up and play nice with other players? If not, what does that say about Jobs' faith in the power of the iPod?

I think an open iTunes is about as likely as Steve Jobs taking real responsibility for those backdated stock options -- which is to say, not .

Comments? Bring them here.

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