There are some great, sobering thoughts at Business Week on the subprime mini-meltdowns at HSBC (NYSE:HBC) and New Century (NYSE:NEW), as well as speculation on what might be to come for others, like Countrywide Financial (NYSE:CFC), Washington Mutual (NYSE:WM), Novastar Financial (NYSE:NFI), and Accredited Home Lenders (NASDAQ:LEND). Thanks to an alert Motley Fool CAPS player -- a homebuilder, by the way -- for pointing this out.

Here's a key quote from S&P's Stuart Plesser that I believe explains what happened with the whole low-rent loan gold rush: "They are writing whatever loans just to write loans, thinking they will worry about it later. But now it's later."

Remember, of course, that months ago, when I suggested this might be the case, I got plenty of hate mail from people in the biz, making their usual claims that they were just trying to help the buyers -- just enhancing "affordability" -- or childishly suggesting that I was just jealous because I wasn't working the "lucrative housing market."

Then came rebuttals from ethical longtime lenders who were ashamed at the corners being cut in their business. Who was right?

I believe the record is only just beginning to show that "affordability" was an excuse. Enabling a dysfunctional economic bubble in order to stuff their own pockets with easy money, that's what the low-rent lenders were doing. Except now, the money's not so easy to get back. And you can't squeeze blood out of all those turnips who signed up for no-doc loans.

Will the likely dry-up of "liar loans," and other exotic financing, in the absence (so far) of price drops depress demand even further and spur an even wider shakeout? Time will tell.

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