Based on the latest same-store sales results for kiddie clothing specialist Gymboree (NASDAQ:GYMB), there should be plenty of little ones running around in new threads. I imagine parents were shopping for the perfect Easter outfits for their angels, not to mention picking up new warm-weather outfits to replace ones already outgrown.

For the month of March, Gymboree improved its comps by 9%, easily topping predictions from analysts expecting a repeat of last year's 6% gain. Meanwhile, its total sales rose 20% from a year ago, to $92.1 million. These results highlight Gymboree's ability to continue attracting shoppers to existing locations, while also opening new stores that draw them in from the get-go.

Based on the monthly data, Gymboree certainly seems to be on top of its game -- but remember, we're talking about only one month here. No Fool can make a meaningful assessment based on a single month's information. That's why I think it's more important to pay attention to what the company is saying about its quarterly results.

Gymboree said it expects first-quarter comps in the low single digits, which I doubt will impress many. It expects earnings to increase from the $0.53 per share it earned in the first quarter of 2006 to a range of $0.60 to $0.63 per share for this year's first quarter. What's so bad about growth of 13% to 19%? Well, nothing, except that those results would lag the 21%, or $0.64 per share, analysts want to see.

Gymboree is facing similar woes (sales exceed expectations, but guidance disappoints) as its main competitor, Children's Place (NASDAQ:PLCE). But also like Children's Place, Gymboree is a company with strong management and a never-ending supply of tykes who will abuse its products and come back for more.

Despite dropping a bit from its 52-week high, Gymboree's stock price is still up nearly 50% from the past year's low. I'm not sure I'd jump on this one yet, but if it stumbles any further, it may be wise to hop on board.

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