Comic book geeks, rejoice: Spider-Man is headed for Broadway.

On Friday, Motley Fool Stock Advisor pick Marvel Entertainment (NYSE:MVL) announced that the web-slinger's stage debut would be co-produced by Marvel, Sony (NYSE:SNE), Hello Entertainment, and David Garfinkle and Martin McCallum.

And there's plenty of talent ready to direct the effort. U2's Bono and The Edge will handle music. Meanwhile, Tony award winner Julie Taymor, who helped to bring Disney's (NYSE:DIS) The Lion King to Broadway, will direct the performance.

Frankly, I've no idea if this will work. I'm neither a stage writer nor much of a Broadway addict. What I know is stocks, and here, my Fool sense is tingling.

Why? It doesn't really matter if Spidey succeeds on the Great White Way. The very fact that he can spin a web there is incontrovertible evidence that comic books have become legitimate mainstream fare.

That wasn't the case a decade ago. Back then, author Scott McCloud wrote Understanding Comics to argue that comics were, indeed, a legitimate art form. Now, with readings for the stage version of Spidey scheduled for the summer, McCloud's otherwise excellent book appears to be both outdated and unnecessary.

For both comics fans and Marvel investors, who are depending on Marvel's brand of characters to create cross-cultural appeal, it's about time.

More pulse-pounding Foolishness awaits, dear reader:

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