Not everything is golden in China. Online media specialist (NASDAQ:SOHU) delivered lackluster results in its first quarter. Revenue inched just 9% higher to hit $33.1 million. That's slower than the rate at which the overall Chinese economy is growing. Earnings clocked in at $0.12 a share, or $0.18 a share before share-based compensation expenses. Those figures lagged the $0.16 a share, or $0.20 per share before expensing stock options, that Sohu earned a year ago.

There are many factors in play here. Brand advertising was the company's bright spot, now accounting for 71% of total revenue at Sohu. However, margins are deteriorating there. Meanwhile, the rest of Sohu's businesses face even bigger problems. Sponsored search, wireless, and other non-advertising revenues are all coming in lower than they did a year ago.

Stagnancy is never a good thing in a hot market. A few years ago, the Chinese growth-stock universe was limited to the trio of Sohu, SINA (NASDAQ:SINA), and (NASDAQ:NTES).

Investors have a wider range of choices these days. They can go with (NASDAQ:CTRP) as the leader in online travel booking, or fast-growing lodging chain Home Inns (NASDAQ:HMIN). Those companies are growing quickly without the Sohu warts.

This doesn't mean that Sohu will be a slouch forever. It's in the process of launching a new in-house online game, and its SoGo search engine debuted this past summer. Sohu will also cash in on next year's Olympic Games in Beijing. However, until margins improve in its ad business -- or its smaller subsidiaries begin showing signs of life -- Sohu may be more like "so who" in a forgetful marketplace.

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