Jupitermedia (NASDAQ:JUPM) may be unlucky in love, but it's ready to play the field. The online media and digital photography specialist is paying $20 million to acquire MediaBistro.com, a site that caters to media professionals through community-building networking features and job listings.

Yes, Jupitermedia has been left standing at the altar in its pursuit of the perfect kiss before. The company's lucrative licensed images business -- where subscribers have access to more than 7 million royalty-free images -- found it in talks to be acquired by niche leader Getty Images (NYSE:GYI) earlier this year. Those talks broke down in March.

Moving on, MediaBistro fits right into the company's career-driven websites. Jupitermedia already watches over information technology hubs Internet.com and EarthWeb. Techies congregate at its DevX.com home for Web developers, while Graphics.com feeds right into its eye candy forte.

Delivering 400 million monthly page views through a network of 150 websites, Jupitermedia knows how to draw a crowd. Now all it needs to do is find a way to grow its bottom line. Earnings are expected to dip this year, but at least it's still profitable.

Let's not rule out an exit strategy, either. The company's acquisitive appetite hints at a company ready to grow as a stand-alone entity. However, its stock is trading lower than where it was when it was in talks with Getty earlier this year. Jupitermedia may be more attractive now.

I also believe that Jupitermedia's several moving parts would fit right in with a company like CNET Networks (NASDAQ:CNET) that houses several techie communities or the subscription-happy Yahoo! (NASDAQ:YHOO).

As long as the company doesn't plan on dropping any bombshells during next month's second-quarter report, there appears to be more upside than downside in Jupitermedia at today's prices. With a logical list of suitors likely to nibble if Jupitermedia falls much further and the potential of improvement in its fundamentals on its own, it's as close to a win-win as you can find in today's market, where finding values is as challenging as planting that perfect kiss.

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