The size and market opportunity of China's leading wireless operator, China Mobile (NYSE:CHL), are truly staggering. With more than 332 million subscribers in a market far from saturation, China Mobile presents a rare investment combination: massive size with similarly large long-run growth potential. Its competition? As China Mobile bull Dave Mock says, the "company dwarfs its closest competitor, China Unicom (NYSE:CHU), outperforming it in almost every measure."

Still, building out the subscriber base after the first few hundred million will not be easy -- or cheap. Plus, Mr. Market is well aware of the company's presence and potential. Has the market gotten ahead of itself on this intriguing Chinese growth story?

To get to the root of the question, I invited two of the Fool's sharpest telecom writers, Dave Mock and Tom Taulli, to duel over the merits of investing your dollars with this Chinese behemoth. Read, vote, and most of all, enjoy!

And now, duel on!

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