With every passing development, Facebook is acting more and more like an organization that wants to go public as a stand-alone company. If this summer's job opening at the company for a stock administration manager doesn't convince you, maybe a little bird can tell you.

Facebook is acquiring Parakey, a company run by co-founders of the Mozilla Firefox Internet browser. With its irreverent "give your computer the bird" tagline, Parakey is developing a Web-based operating system. Yes, the same guys who have put a dent in Internet Explorer's plans for global domination are now out to outdo Windows. I guess they won't be invited to the Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) social mixer.

The purchase is awkward because Microsoft signed an ad distribution deal with Facebook last year. To be fair, the Parakey platform isn't initially targeted as a Windows killer. It is more of an application itself, playing Cupid to a more harmonious relationship between desktop and cyberspace. When I wondered if Facebook was "the next Microsoft" two months ago, I didn't mean it literally.

The purchase doesn't mean Facebook is diving headfirst into the tricky operating-system space, where even the mighty IBM (NYSE:IBM) has come up short and the economical no-brainer of the open-source Linux has been a tough mainstream sell. It is essentially buying two sharp techies and the open-ended potential of applying a cool Web-based technology to Facebook's growing community.

That is one thing that Facebook has done exceptionally well lately; opening up its platform for monetization to third-party developers has attracted the likes of Amazon.com (NASDAQ:AMZN), Warner Music (NYSE:WMG), and the Washington Post Company (NYSE:WPO)

In concert, this has to have Yahoo! (NASDAQ:YHOO) kicking itself for blowing a shot at acquiring the social networking site last year. Then again, it's hard to chase a Parakey owner when you're fighting for your life like a canary in a coal mine.

Well done, Facebook. Go ahead and file for that IPO and relieve us all of the suspense already.

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