It's a dilemma all Foolish writers face. When we see Mr. Market panic and sell off a great company on a lark, do we swoop in and pick up the shares, or stand at a distance, pointing and shouting to you, our dear readers: "Look! Free money!"

The Motley Fool has a disclosure policy, you see. We want you to know for certain-sure that we won't use one hand to type an article hyping (or dissing) a stock while using the other hand to tap the sell (or buy) button on our own online brokerage accounts. So we have a rule around here: No trading in a stock for 10 days before, or after, writing about it. No abusing our readers' trust for our own material gain.

But that policy does have a downside: As writers, we sometimes must choose between advising you of an opportunity, or clamming up and making the trade ourselves. Such was the dilemma I faced when Natus Medical (NASDAQ:BABY) reported its second-quarter 2007 results last week, and the stock immediately began (and today continues) to sell off. Fortunately for you, in a piece I penned yesterday, I goofed and included a reference to Natus as part of a list of firms including Investools (NASDAQ:SWIM), Blackboard (NASDAQ:BBBB), and Symantec (NASDAQ:SYMC), whose financials are obscured by the effects of their mergers and acquisitions activity. Result: I can't buy the stock for 10 more days anyway. Might as well clue you in before I do.

The deal
So here's the deal. On Thursday, Natus reported its Q2 numbers, which went a little something like this:

  • 42% sales growth, bolstered again by revenue tacked on from its acquisitions of Deltamed and Olympic Medical. (For the record, that's better sales growth than we saw last quarter.)
  • 43% growth in earnings per share, in line with sales growth.
  • Among its expenses, only R&D spending outran sales growth at 78% (and for the record, I consider heavy R&D spending a plus in a medical-equipment maker). Neither advertising nor administrative costs rose as fast as sales.

Moreover, Natus upped its guidance for the full fiscal year, and it now expects to see $118.3 million to $119.3 million in sales and $0.49 to $0.52 per share in earnings. While this is just a "reiteration" rather than an increase, it's worth pointing out that analysts on average expect Natus to hit only the lower number -- creating a real possibility that Natus will outperform estimates by year-end.

If you see something in the above that justifies the 10% haircut that Natus has endured since reporting earnings, I'd love to hear it. Otherwise -- and barring Mr. Market coming to his senses and bidding the price back up -- I'm planning to pull out my checkbook come Aug. 17.

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Fool contributor Rich Smith does not own shares of any company named above. Yet. The Fool's disclosure policy is doing it for your own good.