The Federal Reserve cut the federal funds rate by half a percent -- double what many were expecting. And while financial stocks such as Countrywide (NYSE:CFC), First American Financial (NYSE:FAF), and Citigroup (NYSE:C) shot up substantially on the news, so did some stocks that you wouldn't expect to benefit -- including Turkey's Turkcell (NYSE:TKC), China's (NASDAQ:BIDU), and Jones Soda (NYSE:JSDA). So what does the Fed cut really mean for investors? In this installment of "Fool Video," Fool managing editor LouAnn DiCosmo talks with Fool analyst Tim Hanson about some Fed cut winners and losers.

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Tim Hanson owns shares of First American Financial. Neither LouAnn DiCosmo nor Mac Greer owns any of the stocks discussed. The Motley Fool has a strict disclosure policy.