On Sept. 25, homebuilding giant Lennar (NYSE:LEN) released earnings for the third quarter ended Aug. 31.

  • The net loss includes a staggering $856.8 million of non-cash write-offs, as unsold homes, land in inventory, and option deposits lose some value every day. These write-offs are a fact of life in the industry, but the year-ago hit was just $76.2 million.
  • Come one, come all, and marvel at Lennar's incredible shrinking order backlog: $5.6 billion last year, $2.8 billion last quarter, and $2.2 billion today. Amazing!
  • And you should expect that trend to continue: the 5,800 new orders coming in during the quarter can't match the 7,600 homes completed at the same time.
  • If you were hoping for some positive regional data that might recommend a more localized homebuilder like Brookfield Homes (NYSE:BHS), you're out of luck. Lennar's weakness was spread in a rather uniform layer across the country, region by region.

(Figures in millions, except per-share data)

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Q3 2007

Q3 2006






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Net Margin




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