Do you know the difference between a good stock and a good story? Can you identify a company that is turning an industry on its head, like Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX), or a company that appears to have no moat, like Vonage (NYSE:VG)

The Motley Fool CAPS Community attempts to weed out good stocks from the flash-in-the-pan stories. In the inaugural production of The Motley Fool CAPS Community Theatre Players' "Worst Stock in the World," the players cast their skeptical eye on 1-900 JACKPOT (OTC: ONJP.OB). This former fiberglass manufacturing company is entering the jackpot-licensing business. Is this a brilliant move or a big red flag? CAPS community member kristm asks:

What do you get when you combine gambling, the Mexican Lottery, 1-900 phone numbers, and a PE over 300 in a Nevada-based company with a pink sheet stock and a hidden secret business plan that feels like FUD? 

Well, the CAPS Community Theatre Players think you might just have The Worst Stock in the World. Sit back and enjoy the show!

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Fool contributor and comedy writer Dan Rubin owns shares of Netflix and has never hit a jackpot except for his wife and child. The Fool has a no-nonsense disclosure policy.