You may not be much of a palm reader, but you can kick off the new trading week as a Palm (NASDAQ:PALM) reader. The smartphone maker may be losing ground to companies like Research in Motion (NASDAQ:RIMM) and now Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), but it never hurts to hear what a pioneer has to say.

Analysts still expect Palm to post a profit, though the projected $0.08 per share showing is far less than the $0.21 a share it earned a year earlier.

The cyclical semiconductor market will pose for a snapshot when Micron Technology (NYSE:MU) steps up to the earnings podium on Tuesday. How bad are things going for Micron? Well, analysts expect the company to post a loss for the period. If so, it will be the first time since 2003 that Micron has posted back-to-back sequential deficits.

If you hike over to Wolverine World Wide's (NYSE:WWW) fiscal third-quarter report, you may want to be wearing a pair of the company's cozy footwear. Wall Street is looking for the company to generate record profits of $0.53 per share for the period, comfortably ahead of the $0.46 a share it earned during the same quarter last year.

(NYSE:MAR) checks in on Thursday. Between sector consolidation and a healthy influx of foreign travelers coming over to make the most of a weakening dollar, Marriott's industry is sitting pretty at the moment. Let's see if it checks out when it checks in.

We close out the trading week with ATS Medical (NASDAQ:ATSI) reporting. The cardiac surgery device specialist should post a small loss for its latest quarter, but that's typical. Your heart won't skip a beat, because ATS has yet to post a profit on this side of the millennium.

Until next week, I remain,

Rick Munarriz

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