Could your portfolio use a superhero or two? If so, is Stock Advisor recommendation Marvel (NYSE:MVL) a hero to the rescue -- or a villain in disguise?

The company has spent the past few years cashing in on its catalog of comic book characters. Where Spider-Man once worked his magic solely on the printed page, Marvel is now cashing in on spider-cents through Sony (NYSE:SNE) flicks, Activision (NASDAQ:ATVI) video games, and Hasbro (NYSE:HAS) toys.

But like most seasoned actors, Marvel wants to direct, too. It's taking a gamble with a move to bankroll its own films. Is that too risky, or just the ticket to bring the company some Tinseltown twinkle?

Not all Fools agree. Anders Bylund is bullish on Marvel. Chuck Saletta is back in bearish form. Who will win the battle? That's what this week's bout is all about.

Duel on!

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Longtime Fool contributor Rick Munarriz enjoyed the first two Spider-Man flicks, but his copy of the third installment has sat unwatched for days. He does not own shares in any of the companies in this article. The Fool has a non-radioactive disclosure policy.