The Motley Fool's CAPS investing service offers a great way for investors to work together to beat the market. Among other features, CAPS lets users blog about their picks, investing strategies, market views, favorite rugby team, or whatever floats their boat. And as CAPS blogging catches on, players add more and more great content every day.

I've dug through the past week's posts to find some of CAPS' best recent insights. I can't possibly cover all of the great stuff in the CAPS blogosphere, so when you're done here, I highly recommend that you head to CAPS and check out some more.

Builder alert!
On top of the builders as always, CAPS ace floridabuilder has run down his current thinking on the homebuilder stocks. If you think now is the perfect time to dive into the fracas and start shorting homebuilders, then you definitely want to check out what he has to say first. While some builders, such as Hovnanian and Brookfield Homes, are still on his bankruptcy watch list, he has started to get more bullish on a few others, including KB Home (NYSE: KBH).

Why the housing bulls are wrong
And just like that, we get the flip side. DemonDoug thinks that shorts should keep on firing when it comes to the housing market, because it's just not getting any better any time soon. Mid-2008 recovery? Not so fast, he says. He sees the problems in this sector taking three to five years to work out.

Black gold
Many of the major oil and gas names, including Chevron (NYSE: CVX), Exxon (NYSE: XOM), and ConocoPhillips (NYSE: COP), have taken hits along with the rest of the market since the dawn of 2008. The prevailing wisdom seems to be that with a recessionary economy will come slackening demand for oil and, thus, lower prices. At least one Fool, CAPS All-Star saunafool, thinks it's time to be buying these guys up on the weakness. He says that despite worries of a recession, it would be very unusual to see demand for oil fall.

Why this bear market won't last long
Need a break from some of the dire pessimism that's been making the rounds? Check out this great post from CAPS All-Star camistocks. The post runs through a wide variety of reasons why you should feel comfortable tuning out anybody who tells you to sell your stocks and buy gold bullion and bottled water.

Am I Foolish or just plain foolish?
What exactly is a discounted cash flow model? Is it time to start nibbling on some high-quality stocks like Marvel Entertainment (NYSE: MVL) and Dolby Labs (NYSE: DLB)? Is there a good reason for the market's recent panic, or is it overblown? CAPS newcomer earthStrapped tackles all of these questions and more in his recent blog post.

What stock buybacks actually do
Complete with a fancy diagram, Hodarius has shed some light on who really gets paid when a company buys back stock.

More companies that I hate!
Sometimes, you just need to get a few gripes off your chest. Though I can't agree with hating Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL), I sure did get a kick out of reading GeekLaw's list of companies that he hates.

And that's our roundup for this week. Be sure to check back next week for more great blogging action. In the meantime, why not head over to CAPS and add your two cents to the community pool?

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