The Motley Fool's CAPS investing service is a great way for investors to work together to beat the market -- and maybe get famous at the same time. Among its features, CAPS lets users blog about their picks, investing strategies, market views, yesterday's lunch, or whatever floats their boat.

As the CAPS blogosphere continues to expand, players add more prime content every day. To make it easier to find some of those gems, I've sifted the past week's posts. Of course, with room here for only seven, I can't possibly cover all of the great stuff from CAPS members. I highly recommend you head to CAPS and check out more of what the investors have to say.

WaMu must sink or swim
There's no shortage of major financial companies that have taken an absolute pummeling from the mortgage and credit mess that we are still knee-deep in, but few have taken quite the nosedive that Washington Mutual (NYSE:WM) has. It's no Bear Stearns yet, but the bank's stock has been body slammed 86% from its 52-week high.

CAPS blogger TheGarcipian -- a WaMu bear -- ran down his thoughts on the bank's potential to recover from its current position. Click to his blog for the scoop.

Boston Properties' bet on Manhattan
Blogger mandrake66 calls commercial REIT Boston Properties (NYSE:BXP) "a pretty good proxy for where you expect the commercial real estate market to go." Why? Well, he points out that the REIT managed some great timing and was a big seller in 2006 and 2007 when the market was peaking. Now, as mandrake66 notes, the company is making big moves in Manhattan. Is this a bullish sign for the commercial property market? Check mandrake's blog for his take.

My investing adventure
New to investing? CAPS is the place for you! CAPS newcomer and new investor colonelnelson shares in his CAPS blog how he got into investing. Although he started primarily with exchange-traded funds from Vanguard, the colonel now is looking at individual stocks, including Consolidated Edison and Inside Value pick Lloyd's TSB Group (NYSE:LYG). Head to his blog for his full story.

June's Fool intel
So far, the All-Stars in the CAPS community haven't had much success predicting the direction of the market over three-month periods, but the data collection done by TMFFoolIntel is in its early stages. In June, top CAPS players were bullish on the market, and 54% of them think it will be higher three months from now. Hop to the Fool intel blog to get the details.

Cancel Monday
In a blog post that presents one of the best ideas I've heard in a long time, CAPS player and genius joeykid13 suggests that the U.S. eliminate Monday as a workday and go to a four-day work week. Check joeykid13's blog for the particulars on this awesome idea.

Speaking of Covance
CAPS All-Star HelicalZz has been perusing pharma industry magazines and thinks that contract research organizations (CROs) are a good bet as larger pharma organizations like GlaxoSmithKline (NYSE:GSK) conduct layoffs. Specifically, he thinks investors should check the five-star-rated CRO Covance (NYSE:CVD). Read HelicalZz's blog for the lowdown.

Buy solar stocks, they're on sale
Despite pleasant tidings in the world of solar, many top solar stocks like Suntech Power (NYSE:STP) and Solarfun Power (NASDAQ:SOLF) have been sliding. CAPS All-Star cbwang888 says this is the time to buy. In his blog post he gives his top five picks in the solar sector. Click through for the scoop.

And that's our roundup for this week. Check back next week for more blogging talent. In the meantime, why not head to CAPS and add your two cents to the community pool?

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