The Motley Fool's CAPS investing service is a great way for investors to work together to beat the market -- and maybe get famous while they're at it. Among its features, CAPS lets users blog about their picks, investing strategy, market view, yesterday's lunch, or whatever revs their engines.

As the CAPS blogosphere continues to grow, players are adding more great content on a daily basis. To make it easier to find some of the gems out there, I've dug through the past week's posts to find some of CAPS' best insights. Of course, with room for only seven posts here I can't possibly cover all of the great stuff in the CAPS blogosphere. So when you're done here I highly recommend heading over to CAPS and checking out what some of the other investors have to say.

The greatest trick B of A ever pulled
There's been plenty of controversy over Bank of America's (NYSE:BAC) proposed takeover of the beaten-up Countrywide Financial. Many investors think that the financial performance of Countrywide will continue to deteriorate -- and that's not saying much given the terrible results it has reported recently. Others worry that Countrywide's sketchy management and tarnished integrity will give B of A some wicked heartburn. Some, though, including CAPS blogger herztical, think that B of A may be getting a deal on the order of JPMorgan Chase (NYSE:JPM) grabbing Bear Stearns. Check out herztical's blog for his take.

Scam alert!
Stock scamologist TMFBent has come up with another doozy of a scam. Hydrogen Hybrid Technologies is the name of the stock and it can be found on the OTC market. Check out Bent's blog for the full scoop on this highly pumped stock.

What's powering your next car?
Whether you're on Wall Street or Main Street you know that China, with its huge population and booming economy, is one of the next big frontiers. And when it comes to China, CAPS All-Star hall9999 thinks that Advanced Battery Technologies (NASDAQ:ABAT) is a good bet. The U.S.-based, but China-focused, company is a specialist in rechargeable batteries used for everything from electric cars to laptops. Head over to hall9999's blog for his view on why this two-star stock is sorely underrated.

Da da da
Remember that great Volkswagen commercial with the wacky "da da da" song? CAPS All-Star camistocks certainly does -- only he also remembers the same song in a commercial from Microsoft and one from Pepsi in Brazil. Head over to cami's blogto see all three commercials along with the original song.

The best energy stock you've never heard of
Now that the energy bull market has been in full swing for a couple of years, all the good companies must be out in plain sight, right? CAPS blogger dexion10 doesn't think so. He's dug up recent IPO SandRidge Energy (NYSE:SD), an oil and gas exploration and production company run by Chesapeake (NYSE:CHK) co-founder Tom Ward. Even though SandRidge has already more than doubled since its IPO, dexion still thinks it has room to run. Head over to his blog to see why.

Value investing
Value investing may not be as exciting as following momentum or performing technical analysis, but it's sure worked for Berkshire Hathaway's (NYSE:BRK-B) Warren Buffett -- among many others. In a recent blog, CAPS player cwlawrence shares some thoughts on the basics of value investing. Click through to read the post.

Two large caps in the buy zone
Looking for a couple of stocks that are worth buying in this crazy market? CAPS All-Star DemonDoug likes the looks of large caps Veolia Environment and 3M (NYSE:MMM) because of their beaten-down stock prices and global exposure. Click here to check out his analysis.

And that's our round-up for this week. Be sure to check back next week for more great blogging action. In the meantime, why not head to CAPS and add your two cents to the community pool?

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