We've all been scarred -- in some cases, literally -- by cumbersome product packaging. Whether it's gashes from trying to slice open plastic clamshells or the blistering drain of undoing an ungodly number of plastic-coated wire ties on a children's toy, accessing a purchased item isn't always easy on the other end of a credit card swipe.

I'm sorry. It shouldn't take this long to unwrap a new CD or crack open an earphones case.

So three cheers for Amazon.com (NASDAQ:AMZN) and the new Frustration-Free Packaging initiative it launched yesterday. The leading online retailer is hoping to scale back the protective layers of packaging that weigh down the unboxing process.

Simplifying the packaging process makes sense for Amazon since it doesn't need encased plastic or an army of twist ties to deter shoplifters. It also makes great financial sense for Amazon. If it's able to do away with the bulky clamshell that houses your USB drive, it can just ship it for less in a protective envelope.

It's just a handful of products that are being repackaged for Amazon at the moment. The 19 items include Mattel (NYSE:MAT) toys, Transcend SD cards, and Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) optical mouse controllers.

That will change. If toy makers see that Mattel is moving more Fisher-Price cameras and Barbie party cruises as a result of its consumer-friendly -- and, let's face it, more eco-friendly -- packaging, they will follow suit. With e-tail growing faster than conventional retail, it's about time for manufacturers to cater their products to the needs of e-commerce and the wants of shoppers.

This opens up investing implications, of course. A company like Sealed Air (NYSE:SEE) with its signature bubble wrap won't be pinched since its product is still in demand during the actual shipping process. If anything, the company's Jiffy mailers may become even more popular as online retailers turn to padded enveloped to deliver smaller goods.

UPS (NYSE:UPS) may take a small hit if the movement toward smaller, lighter packaging finds some brown truck deliveries being delivered by mail.

Either way, good riddance to tiresome packaging! Now if only Amazon could do something about eliminating those "some assembly required" disclaimers.

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