The Nasdaq-100 is a collection of 100 of the largest stocks listed on the Nasdaq exchange. While the index has lost 11% in the month of November, its bottom 10 companies have seen their stock prices fall even further.

Of course, a stock's price can drop for reasons both significant (e.g., the emergence of a more powerful competitor) and insignificant (e.g., tax selling). Hence, a large drop in stock price could offer a unique buying opportunity, but it could also present a value trap.

That's why we've paired the 10 biggest Nasdaq-100 losers for the month of November with the intelligence of our 120,000-member-strong Motley Fool CAPS community. Each company's CAPS rating should offer some insight into how our community views the company. As always, though, you should conduct your own fundamental research.

For the month of November, here are the Nasdaq-100's 10 biggest market losers.


Return in November

Year-to-Date Return

CAPS Rating (out of 5)

Additional CAPS Research

1. Focus Media (NASDAQ:FMCN)





2. Liberty Media Interactive





3. Flextronics





4. Sirius XM Radio (NASDAQ:SIRI)





5. Seagate Technology





6. Sears Holdings (NASDAQ:SHLD)





7. Wynn Resorts (NASDAQ:WYNN)





8. Baidu (NASDAQ:BIDU)





9. Starbucks (NASDAQ:SBUX)





10. Sun Microsystems (NASDAQ:JAVA)





Source: Capital IQ and Motley Fool CAPS.

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