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A tall drink of water
Sound specialist Dolby Labs apparently just tunes out the noise and pumps up the volume when it comes to record sales. The company makes not only your surround sound better, it also improves the sound technology behind your DVD player, computer, and television set-top box. It's been included in all the new digital TV tuners sold over the past couple of years, and you'll be seeing it a lot more in your MP3 players and mobile handsets. It's even in theater projection systems.

In the current climate where consumer electronics have shown weakness, Dolby has managed to find new markets to exploit, particularly overseas, where people are just beginning to experience the crisp new sounds of digital audio. Beginning last December, for example, all TVs sold in France are required to come equipped with Dolby's digital technology, and Italy has finalized its specs and should soon mandate similar requirements.

So while analysts have been focusing on the end of days for DVD players, Dolby has been listening to the sweet sounds of growing streams of revenue from many different venues. Dolby is even included in the new Windows 7 operating system from Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT). The company is well-positioned to benefit from the welcome retirement of Vista.

Top-rated CAPS All-Star sehawk99 thinks that much of Dolby's future remains with consumer electronics, and that once the economy recovers, Dolby should see its value rise:

It really just comes down to what happens to the consumer economy. If the consumer starts spending, the market will get hyped about Dolby again.

Heating up
The stock of oven maker Middleby got burned in the market meltdown that began last September, even as it was on a tear making acquisitions. Some wonder if that means Middleby is heating up or overheating, but it has traveled a path similar to that of rival food services equipment maker FMC Technologies (NYSE:FTI). And a number of investors have taken note of its current lower valuation. CAPS member bkwfool thought the stock carried a hefty price tag previously, but the charred remains look attractive now:

[Middleby] spent quite a while above my approximation of its intrinsic value. But now that it has cratered to $22/share, there is some margin of safety. Its biggest issues are that it took on debt for acquisitions and that the slow economy may make its customers pull back from purchasing new ovens. But its debt is at a low interest rate, and the cheaper restaurants to which it sells ovens are likely to be hurt less than the pricey ones. And its management has proven to be good for several years.

Gather 'round
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