The new trading week kicks off with hip apparel retailer J. Crew (NYSE: JCG) sashaying down the quarterly catwalk. Analysts see the company posting a loss for the holiday quarter, proving that even the once ballyhooed retail brands are struggling. J. Crew's stock has shed roughly 80% of its value since peaking 10 months ago.

Boston Beer (NYSE: SAM), the company behind Sam Adams Brewery, is on tap for Tuesday. Analysts project a small dip in profitability at the company. If you're looking for earnings growth, you'll probably find it in the sleepy grocery store sector. Kroger (NYSE: KR) is expected to improve on its bottom line by 8% to $0.52 a share in the fourth quarter.

A few retailers like Staples (Nasdaq: SPLS) and Jo-Ann Stores (NYSE: JAS) are stepping up on Wednesday. It's easy to see an office supplies superstore concept like Staples faltering in this dreary corporate climate. Jo-Ann and its fabric outlets, on the other hand, may be seen as winner in the recession as consumers turn to making their own clothes and crafts. Unfortunately for investors, both companies are expected to post lower quarterly results.

Shuffle Master (Nasdaq: SHFL) will deal the card it's dealt on Thursday. The maker of playing card shufflers and other casino essentials is looking to post a profit of $0.04 a share in its latest quarter. It may not be much, but it would reverse a small loss during the previous year's fiscal first quarter.

The week closes quietly, as it often does. If you're hungry for an earnings report to catch, check out Sun Communities (NYSE: SUI). The high-yielding REIT that specializes in manufactured housing communities will need to deliver healthy earnings to justify its lofty payouts.

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