Throughout the presidential campaign, then-Sen. Obama promised a greater level of discourse and transparency in government if he were elected. Slowly but surely, the administration seems to be making attempts to keep this promise.

Yesterday, President Obama and his New Media team launched an area of the White House website called "Open for Questions." The page features a video of Obama inviting the American public to submit questions to him about the economy, and allows us to see everyone else's questions and vote on the ones we like the best. You can even submit a video of yourself asking the question, if you're so inclined. Obama has promised to answer a number of the questions on Thursday. How very Foolish.

Many may look at this cynically, believing that the White House will try to control the conversation and cherry-pick softball questions. Maybe the administration will, maybe it won't. Either way, a sitting president has invited the American people into the conversation. Literally. This is potentially very powerful … if the experiment works. And if you participate.

So what should a good Fool do? Head on over to the White House website, pose the tough questions you want answered, and tell them The Motley Fool sent you. Get involved!

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