Historically, tumultuous times offer some of the best opportunities to buy stocks, and the market's recent mess surely qualifies. There are plenty of stocks that are now priced attractively, and many investors think mega-bank Citigroup (NYSE:C) is one of them.

In our Motley Fool CAPS community, nearly 80% of the 8,518 investors rating the struggling bank are bullish, so there's no shortage of reasons why Citigroup will thrive, three of which I've highlighted below.

But here at the Motley Fool, we're all for looking at both the good and bad sides of an investment, so in this article, I've highlighted three arguments for owning Citigroup today. Then click here to read the cons and even weigh in with your own comments below -- or rate Citigroup yourself in CAPS.

  1. Restructuring progress: Some CAPS members like the headway that Citigroup is making with its asset sales and anticipate that the bank will become more profitable as it progresses. It's already shed several units and is actively engaged in dispersing others as it looks to get back to its core businesses.   
  2. Government backing: Along with Fannie Mae (NYSE:FNM), Freddie Mac (NYSE:FRE), and AIG (NYSE:AIG), Citigroup received a huge influx of taxpayer capital in the wake of the financial crisis and many investors think the US Government support -- even with its drawbacks -- gives the company a greater chance of success. It recently completed a preferred stock swap, which strengthened its capital ratios, eliminated the need to pay dividends on those preferred shares, and gives it a better mix of capital to withstand further loan losses.          
  3. Follow the money: Some big investors are becoming less concerned over the health of banks, thinking the worst is behind them. Hedge fund manager John Paulson recently took stakes in several banks including Regions Financial (NYSE:RF), Fifth Third Bancorp, and Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS). Bank of America (NYSE:BAC) also recently upgraded Citigroup shares, and some CAPS members think that the insider buying that's recently taken place at Citigroup signals plenty more potential upside.

To see details of what CAPS members are saying now about Citigroup, just click on over to Motley Fool CAPS and have a look -- or add your own thoughts directly to this story in the comments box below.

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