Here at the Fool, we've searched high and low across the Web to find the stories that will matter the most to you today. We hope you find this Tuesday edition informative.

1. Pay czar targets corporate piggy banks
Obama's pay czar, who oversees seven companies that include Citigroup (NYSE:C), AIG (NYSE:AIG), and Bank of America (NYSE:BAC), is looking to divert cash salaries into stock that cannot be accessed for several years. (Read more at Reuters).

2. Hope springs eternal this morning
Investors around the world continue to ride a wave of confidence this week. Stocks are set to rise this morning. (Read more at CNNMoney.)

3. It is (or used to be) the most wonderful time of the year
The National Retail Foundation is predicting a decline of at least 1% in holiday sales in 2009. Shocker, we know, but certainly not as bad as last year's drop. Start making your wish list for Santa, as the sales are going to start early this year! (Read the National Retail Federation's press release.)

4. Rupert Murdoch and the Internet in fisticuffs
Rupert Murdoch and News Corp. (NYSE:NWS) want to change online newspapers back to a pay-for-content model. Will he save the newspaper business, or just quicken traditional media's decline? (Read more at Vanity Fair.)

5. Conde Nast shutters four more magazines
Speaking of traditional media having a hard time adapting to online publishing, Conde Nast is shutting down four magazines; the main title to get the ax being Gourmet. Sorry foodies, it's officially down to Emeril and Rachael Ray. (Read more at The Wall Street Journal.)

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