Here at the Fool, we've searched high and low across the Web this Monday morning to find the biggest news and best stories around. Here are your top five morning reads.

1. Uncle Sam gives insiders the boot
A wave of insider trading investigations and arrests are sweeping the financial industry. As investigators gear up to charge "a wider array of insider-trading networks," you have to wonder how deep a problem exists. (Read more at Bloomberg.)

2. Earnings season rolls on
(NYSE:HAS) reported solid earnings this morning thanks to Transformers-fueled growth and cost cutting. Earnings season continues after market close today. Expect the focus to be on tech heavies Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) and Texas Instruments (NYSE:TXN). (Read more at MarketWatch.)

3. Five myths of the financial crisis
Barron's tackles what it sees as five modern financial myths. Two common story lines they think are all hot air: Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS) is maxing out compensation and the size and speed of this rally are unprecedented. (Read more at Barron's.)

4. China's real estate bubbling over?
There's increasing signs that China's real estate sector, which comprises nearly 20% of its GDP, is entering bubble territory. Since China's been playing the darling of the global economy in the past year, this is a story worth keeping an eye on. (Read more at Financial Times Alphaville.)

5. Luxury is back, baby!
Don't ditch those shares of Coach (NYSE:COH) and Saks (NYSE:SKS) just yet: A new study shows that third-quarter spending on luxury goods and services was up 29% over the second quarter. (Read more at Bloomberg.)

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