The new trading week begins with Hastings Entertainment checking in. Most investors are unlikely to be familiar with the media retailer, but I love grabbing quarterly peeks at the company because it does a little bit of everything. It sells CDs, games, and DVDs. It rents movies. It dabbles in small consumer electronics. It's a great way to get a pulse from various categories, because the chain is typically kind enough to break it all down.

We'll head east -- way east -- for a few Chinese companies reporting. E-House (NYSE:EJ), (NASDAQ:NTES), and China Distance Education (NYSE:DL) will shed some light on the state of real estate, online gaming, and education. China's economy is growing at a healthier clip than most countries', but now it's time for individual companies to prove their worth.

Limited Brands (NYSE:LTD) is one of the many retailers posting quarterly results on this day. Investors aren't expecting much out of most mall chains. The back-to-school season is peanuts compared with the holiday shopping season, which makes or breaks concepts. Shareholders will disregard the likely flattish report, moving Limited one way or another based on its outlook for the fourth quarter.

Intuit (NASDAQ:INTU) reports. The accounting software company historically has two strong quarters, but we're on the wrong end of April 15 and Dec. 31 filing deadlines right now. It will still be an interesting report because the company will have the opportunity to discuss its recent acquisition of

The trading week closes out with D.R. Horton (NYSE:DHI). The real estate developer is expected to post a substantially narrower deficit than it did a year ago. Sure, it's still red ink, but at least homebuilders are starting to bottom out.

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