Together, we are all trying to build our fortune by finding well-run companies at bargain-basement prices. But it takes work -- scouring company earnings reports, scrutinizing key data, and assessing the competition.

Because of that, we've created a screen based on the massive data aggregated from the more than 140,000 investors competing on our Motley Fool CAPS platform. Each quarter, we check in on select companies after they file a 10-Q and track community sentiment -- so you can see how your company is doing.

Here's the community sentiment on Casual Male Retail Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:CMRG) both this quarter and last (for comparison), as well as opinions on some related companies.

Metric Casual Male Retail Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:CMRG) GameStop Corp. (NYSE:GME) Lumber Liquidators (NYSE:LL) Borders Group, Inc. (NYSE:BGP)
This Quarter (11/20/2009):
Price: $2.55 $25.49 $24.62 $1.94
% of Members Rating Outperform 79% 96% 89% 58%
% of All-Star Members Rating Outperform 65% 94% 78% 48%
CAPS Rating (out of 5) 2 Stars 4 Stars 2 Stars 1 Stars
Last Quarter (8/22/2009):
Price: $2.25 $23.13 $21.27 $3.69
% of Members Rating Outperform 77% 96% 90% 57%
% of All-Star Members Rating Outperform 82% 95% 79% 58%
CAPS Rating (out of 5) 3 Stars 3 Stars 2 Stars 1 Stars

Source: Motley Fool CAPS. Dates given are the posting dates of Casual Male Retail Group, Inc.'s most recent quarterly and/or annual reports to the SEC's website. Percentages are calculated from the number of members rating each company.

A change in the community's approval (signified by four- and five-star ratings) or disapproval (one- and two-star ratings) could indicate that further research is in order. To help make your research easier …

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