Do you know what the market is going to do tomorrow? How about next week? Next month?

Me either. And while I trust that, long term, the U.S. stock market will trend positive because of the growth of American business, I have not the foggiest idea what will happen in the near term -- or what I should do about it.

That's why we asked a bunch of different Foolish writers to weigh in on both sides of the question. Is the rally over? And what should we do to profit going forward?

After all, since the market high in October of 2007, the S&P 500 first lost nearly 60% of its value before gaining back 65% -- but we're still over 25% off that high.

Is the rally over? Will the market go up from here? Are we looking at a dead-cat bounce? Only time will tell -- but we want to hear what you think. So comment here or comment on the projections and strategies of our writers -- they're all listed at the top right.

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