There's a lot of information out there. Some of it is junk, some of it is frame-worthy. For every dozen foam-spewing-from-mouth rants out there, there's a well-thought-out, factual, logical piece of work that deserves your attention. Here are five you might enjoy: 

Get ready for a double-dip recession (Barron's)
This is an important article for those insisting we're about to be mauled by inflation. While the Federal Reserve has been printing money like maniacs, the real money supply flowing through the economy has actually declined over the past year. Why? Because banks like Bank of America (NYSE:BAC) and Citigroup (NYSE:C) are hoarding the newly printed bucks, keeping excess liquidity in case the market goes loco again. What's that mean for the economy? "In modern economic history, every time there has been such a year-to-year liquidity contraction, the economy subsequently has turned down, or if already in recession, the economic downturn has intensified," the article quotes one economist as saying.

Interview with David Wessel (Big Think)
A nearly one-hour talk with Wall Street Journal economics editor David Wessel. He's one of a small of group reporters who truly seems to have a grip on the interworkings of the Federal Reserve. One great point: Bad loans crushed the real estate market, which incentivized holders of good loans -- those made by responsible banks to creditworthy borrowers -- to walk away. Watch the whole thing -- he's a smart guy.

How Visa, Using Card Fees, Dominates a Market (New York Times)
This article's a month old, but well worth a read. It describes how Visa (NYSE:V) is ruling the debit card market over MasterCard (NYSE:MA) by actually raising prices. "What we witnessed was truly a perverse form of competition." More on Visa and MasterCard here.

In Praise of Mammoth Deficits (LA Times)
Bound to irk our Tea Partying Fools who want to take the credit card away from Washington: "The far greater risk to the economy … is that the Obama administration will cave in to calls for fiscal piety exactly at the moment when the economic recovery needs more oomph."

Paulson Tells Buffett Banks to Repay 'Every Penny' (Bloomberg)
Warren Buffett showed off his Charlie Rose skills by interviewing former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson on Monday. He lobs some hardball questions at Paulson, I have to admit (watch the full video here). Paulson tells Buffett that banks will repay every penny of TARP. Well … yeah. That's been known for a while. Big banks like Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS) and JPMorgan Chase (NYSE:JPM) (and substantially every other major bank) have already repaid TARP in full. What Paulson doesn't mention are TARP's nonbanking culprits, which almost guarantee it'll end up with a loss: AIG (NYSE:AIG), GM, and Chrysler.

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