Bankers, baristas, and burgers will color in the week that lies ahead.

The trading week kicks off with Citigroup (NYSE: C). The banking giant became the poster child of the government-backed bailout, but now it's payback time -- in a good way. Analysts see Citi delivering break-even results. It may not seem all that impressive, but Citigroup has posted losses in all but one quarter over the past two years.

(NYSE: KO) is on tap. The company has delivered generally flattish results over the past year, but things should be a little more fizz-worthy this time around. Analysts see it  earning $0.74 a share for its latest quarter, 12% ahead of last year's showing.

(Nasdaq: NFLX), Starbucks (Nasdaq: SBUX), and McDonald's (NYSE: MCD) are just a few of the consumer-facing companies that will serve up their quarterly financials on this day.

There is good news on all three fronts. Wall Street is targeting year-over-year earnings growth of 46% for Netflix, 50% for Starbucks, and 16% for Mickey D's.  

(NYSE: LUV) has been milking its "bags fly free" ads, and they're working. The frills-free airline posted a rare loss for last year's first quarter. It is projected to report a small profit this time around.

(NYSE: SLB) wraps up the trading week with its quarterly results. The oilfield services provider is the only company in this article that is expected to post lower net income than it did a year earlier.

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Rick Munarriz

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