Malek Latney is a sophomore at Thurgood Marshall Academy. Today he is job-shadowing The Motley Fool's editorial team. As one of his assignments, he put together the article below about McDonald's.

Since 1955, McDonald's has been drawing in customers daily to buy a wide variety of their fast food choices. With a share costing only $69.42, McDonald's is a good company to invest money in. With ever-changing menus and enticing commercials, Americans and people around the world can't help spending their money at McDonald's. That's why they generate more than $23 billion in system-wide sales. 

McDonald's also used to own a stake in the biggest teenage food craze, Chipotle. McDonald's has a long history in America, and if you want to invest in a business that is "tanking" no time soon, McDonald's is your best choice. Also, the shares are so cheap you can buy more than one, making your dividend of $2.20 per share multiply.

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