With almost 9,000 stores at the end of this past quarter, discount retailer Dollar General (NYSE: DG) saw profit rise by 64% as global sourcing helped the company reduce costs. Almost all relevant metrics improved -- gross margins, traffic, volume, and same-store sales.

According to the Wall Street Journal:

Consumers have been spending more this year, though the increase has been uneven amid uncertainty about the U.S. recovery and Europe's economic woes. Dollar-store chains are continuing their expansions in a bet they can retain bargain-hunting customers they gained in the downturn when the economy picks up.

Bank of America analyst Alan Rifkin stated his preference for discount retailers as he reiterated a "buy" rating on Dollar General, in addition to favoring similar companies like Dollar Tree (Nasdaq: DLTR) and Family Dollar (NYSE: FDO).

I would expect profit and sales volume to remain high at such deep discounters, as consumers continue to react to a jobless recovery and persistent unemployment. But what do you think? Leave a comment below.

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