Wal-Mart (NYSE: WMT) doesn't offer haute couture. Its clothing doesn't even fit the Merriam-Webster definition of plain couture: "fashionable, custom-made women's clothing." A recent Forbes article highlighted Wal-Mart's direction in apparel sales, especially in light of rival Target's (NYSE: TGT) success in the area.

I'll cherry-pick a couple of comments, but be sure to read the full piece.

On one hand, "is the concern that high-end fashion alienates [Wal-Mart's] core shopper," notes the article. Yeah, I don't think a rack of little black dresses tailored for the size-4 set has a place in Wal-Mart.

One pundit had this to say: "many of Wal-Mart's customers are on the lower rung of the income ladder. When this group wants to purchase nice apparel, there is a definite stigma attached to the Wal-Mart label. They will want to 'purchase up' for their nice clothing ... "

That might be true. I'm not sure I can judge, since I have Wal-Mart clothes in my closet, but have almost no need or desire to dress up.

My thinking about Wal-Mart fashion matches my thinking on supermarkets. I hope Wal-Mart and other apparel stores will focus on making quality, desirable products available at reasonable prices. Let me know in the comments section below your thoughts on what thrifty shoppers want from the racks of "Wally World."

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