Hari Santhanaraghavan is a sophomore at Nashua High School North in Nashua, N.H. He is an avid reader and fan of The Motley Fool, and as an economics class project wrote an article for Fool.com.

Dell is one of the largest technology companies in the world, with a market cap of about $27 billion. In early June, the company debuted its new product, "The Streak," which is the first major tablet device on the Android market in England. I believe this product will be a win for Dell and its shareholders.

The Streak
The Dell Streak is also set to debut in the U.S. later this summer. It is a combined tablet and smartphone, and will be the first of its kind on the Android market. In a market that is quickly growing, Dell's new product should be the next big product. The Streak will not only contain all the features of its Motorola competitor, the "Droid," but it has a significantly larger display and it is the first major phone to have Dell interface enhancements. According to Ron Garriques, president of the Dell communication solutions group, "The Dell Streak hits the sweet spot between traditional smart phones and larger-screen tablets."

Dell's new product is also in competition with Apple. Though its iPod Touch and iPad are strong products, a tablet phone on the expanding Android market could change that. Because Apple has not released any major products that can double as a phone, but have a larger tablet-like screen, the Dell Streak could be a highly competitive product that keeps Dell's sales strong. In my opinion, the Streak is a compelling buy because it gives consumers options akin to the Apple Apps store and a larger graphical display than the iPod Touch, but small enough for easy portability.

Bottom line
The Streak is a strong product that could dominate the Android market and provide some steep competition for Motorola and Apple.