Though most investing news only serves as a distraction, Motley Fool Pro analyst Bryan Hinmon urges investors to use that ruckus to their advantage. While the rest of the market panics over short-term static, Fools can take advantage of long-term opportunities. Right now, Avon Products (NYSE: AVP) might be just such a case.

The cosmetics company is drawing flak because of uncertainty surrounding its ongoing Foreign Corrupt Practices Act investigation, and its exposure to weakening foreign currencies. While these stories are real, they mask a bigger, brighter picture. Avon's business has hugely improved since 2005, and it attacked the recent recession with an aggressive game plan. The company cut costs, simplified its product lineup, introduced more value-oriented offerings, and grew its cadre of Avon Ladies dramatically. When the dust settles, Avon will surprise investors with the solidity of its fundamentals and prospects.

Foolish investors might also want to fight through the noise to investigate the implications of Monsanto (NYSE: MON) losing patent protection for its weed killer. Fearful investors seem to be forgetting that the company's valuable seed business -- with its nice, wide moat -- isn't going anywhere.

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