In this Fool TV video, Motley Fool Global Gains research analyst Nate Weisshaar recommends ABB (NYSE: ABB) as a sneaky way to play the movement toward alternative energy.

With the majority of alternative energy sources located well away from the population centers that need the electricity, ABB's leading power transmission technology will be a key component as the world adopts green energy. The company's motors, drives, and automation systems can also make mining, manufacturing, and transportation more energy-efficient, further driving a smarter approach to energy consumption.

While ABB's exposure to the European economies has led to its stock price slipping in the face of concerns about the Eurozone, Nate thinks recent contract wins in the Middle East and South America demonstrate the company's global footprint. The market's fear offers Fools an opportunity to gain some conservative exposure to the exciting alternative energy industry. Watch the video here:

Nate Weisshaar owns shares of ABB, which is a Global Gains recommendation. The Fool has a disclosure policy.