Motley Fool Money is a one-hour weekly business radio show hosted by Chris Hill and featuring Motley Fool analysts James Early, Seth Jayson, and Shannon Zimmerman. On our most recent Motley Fool Money Radio Show, Chris talked with our analysts about some stocks on their radar. Below is a transcript.  You can catch this week's show online at .

Chris: All right, guys. Let's get to the stocks that are on our radar for this week.

Shannon: I am going to go back to the well to talk a little bit about Sprint (NYSE: S), which I first mentioned on this show almost a year ago … and I have to say I was right. It was pretty badly --

Chris: Why did it only take you a year to be right?

Shannon: [laughs]. I wrote it about it on too and took a lot of heat in the comments section, because immediately after I started talking about it, it tanked. But it is up about 23% over the last year, which outpaces the S&P over that period and still looks very cheap to me. I think that anybody who wants to look in the telecom space is maybe concerned that the AT&Ts (NYSE: T) and the Verizons or the Apples of the world are maybe a little pricier than they ought to be. Give Sprint a look. They are going to play to a down market in a way that those former concerns will not.

Chris: James Early?

James: Chris, I am looking at American Eagle Outfitters (NYSE: AEO). … I don't like them just yet because I'd like the price a little bit cheaper, but it is actually a dividend stock with a 3.3% yield. They have 6.7% insider ownership, which is really good for a company like this. The operational returns have fallen in recent years obviously, but as things pick back up, if they do, and if the price drops, I like it.

Chris: Seth Jayson?

Seth: I am going to go with Logitech (Nasdaq: LOGI). Most of our listeners will be familiar with this company if they have ever been in a Best Buy or anywhere else. These are the folks that make the mice and the keyboards and all sorts of other peripherals. They are doing a lot with remote controls that put all of your devices on one remote. Price has come back to around $15 a share recently, but this is a company that makes a lot of free cash flow during good times and they did also during the bad times. And they were killed along with everybody else in this sector, but they are making pretty good progress on holding their margins and on getting back on track. And the stock price really hasn't reflected what I think is the potential

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